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Neerav Goyal
Head – DNB (Surgery) DNB (G.I. Surgery), MNAMS

An award-winning Surgeon with a specialisation in Gastrointestinal Surgery and Liver Transplants. I have been actively involved in academics, clinical research, reviewing international journals, lecturing conferences globally and training surgeons. Having performed more than 2500 successful transplants with my team with precision and post surgery consultation.My area of operational expertise include Living Donor Hepatectomy, Surgery for Cholangiocarcinomas and Surgeries for Pancreatic Cancers. I continuously look to provide the best solutions for my patients and I always offer them a wide range of options during one on one consultations.

How does the Liver work?

Liver Functions- The liver is the largest and one of the most complex organs in the body. It has many functions,some of the most important include:

  • As a biochemical factory, it processes nutrients absorbed from the gut, and makes them available for use by other parts of the body
  • The production of bile and its excretion into the intestine is important for absorption of fats and certain vitamins
  • The production of blood factors including many of those necessary for blood clotting, and for normal body fluid balance
  • The removal of toxins from the blood including those produced by bacteria in the gut and for the breakdown of alcohol and many drugs
  • The removal of germs in the blood absorbed from the gut
  • The processing of some hormones and vitamins

Why liver transplant ?

Liver Transplant is needed when a person develops either acute (sudden) or chronic liver failure. Liver transplant is a life saving procedure in this setting.
Acute liver failure (ALF) happens suddenly. It may be caused by various reasons. In India, acute viral infection from Hepatitis A and E are the commonest cause, though it may also occur from drug induced liver damage (DILI), with acetaminophen being the leading cause
Chronic liver failure, also called end-stage liver disease, is a slower process, which progresses over months, years, or decades. Most often, chronic liver failure is the result of cirrhosis, a condition in which the liver cells progressively get destroyed and are replaced with scar tissue through out the liver.

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What Our Patient Says

liver transplant survivor

Ace Zel Manalastas

 It’s our great pleasure to be a part of the thousands of liver transplant patients touched by Apollo Hospital. We are so gratified by how the whole liver team headed by Dr. Neerav Goyal (surgery) and Dr. Anupam Sibal (hepatology) passionately restore the health of my Baby Arkeisha. They met our standards not just on how they treat my daughter’s disease but on how they really love and care our family during our stay in and out of the hospital.

Ace Zel Manalastas

liver transplant survivor

Baby Rhae Christen

There was a moment then that I thought of giving her up. So I went to the church to talked to GOD and ask HIS grace and blessing for baby RC for we cannot do anything about it. When I went out of the chapel, I felt better and full of hope. God guided us what to do to raise the funds that we need and we learned about Apollo Hospital in India who could do the Liver Transplant with a much cheaper cost. Thanks to Dr. Neerav Goyal and team for the treatment.

Rhae Christen

Liver Transplant International

Baby Jermaine Briseis

This is the third time she vomit.I have so many reasons to give up but i never did. I keep talking to briseis “Anak dito n tau eh. Konti nlng big day mo na.I keep praising God in the middle of the most darkest of our life. After i lend her to nurses and doctor i go to our single room to our CR kneeling and begging God for the life of my child.Then we found out apollo in which experts to a liver transplant. Now baby jermaine enjoying a life like normal child.

Jermaine Briseis


Dr Neerav Neerav Liver Transplant Surgeon
Dr Neerav Goyal with patient - Liver Transplant International
Happy patient treatment Success Liver Transplant International
Happy patient treatment Success Liver Transplant International
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Our Team

Dr. Neerav Goyal
MBBS, DNB- General Surgery, DNB- Surgical Gastroenterology, MNAMS
Dr. Arun- Liver Transplant International TEAM
Dr. V. Arun Kumar
M.S (PGIMER),MCh (AIIMS), Fellowship in Liver Transplant Surgery (IAH)
Dr. Varun Madaan
M.S (Surgery), DNB-SS (Surgical Gastroenterology),Fellowship in Liver Transplant and HPB Surgery (IAH).
Dr. Pradeep Kumar. S
M.S. (PGIMER, Chandigarh), Mch GI surgery (AIIMS), Fellowship in liver Transplant and HPB Surgery (IAH)